New Path Villages is a Detroit-based nonprofit organization working to create a tiny home emergency shelter community for people in need of housing. We seek to bridge the often insurmountable gap between the street and conventional housing with this alternative, low-barrier housing option.

New Path Villages provides...

Dignified Shelter

Tiny frame-built homes, approximately 240 square feet in size, supported by shared facilities for cooking, laundry, and gathering areas. Residents gain stability, security, privacy, and the ability to stay warm and dry. Dwellings are 'human-sized,' and encourage residents to utilize communal spaces.

Communal Accountability

The village will be a democratic community in which each resident has a voice in shaping how their community is operated and managed, This will create a foundational sense of ownership on which the village thrives.

Individual Autonomy

The village will change people from being seen as unrelated homeless individuals to being part of a community of people temporarily displaced. We understand an alternative pathway out of homelessness; housing that centers human dignity- empowering residents to design their community and future.

Connection to other means of support

We are committed to connecting village residents to neighboring communities as well as local resources and service providers. NPV will also provide onsite training programs to assist residents in building useful skills for future employment.

Latest News

OCTOBER 8, 2022

New Path Villages is hosting a Fall Harvest dinner from 1 pm to 6 pm behind the church located at 4103 Cadillac. See the flyer to the left for more details! 

AUGUST 16, 2022


New Path Villages was on our local NPR station, WDET (101.9 FM) for Culture Shift. Mike Willenborg was interviewed by Tia Graham about our project. It was an honor to speak to them about our project 


JULY 2,  2022

Community invited to blessing ceremony celebrating a unique tiny-home emergency shelter in east-side Detroit neighborhood




Contact:  Mike Willenborg, New Path Villages



DETROIT- A newly-founded nonprofit organization, New Path Villages (NPV), is creating a community of tiny homes for the chronically homeless.  An empty church on Detroit’s lower east side is currently under renovation and will serve as a community center to raise funds for the village community. The main sanctuary in the church will hold weddings, church services, music, and arts performances, and a full art gallery is planned. In addition, a sober bar will be on-site and a fully-functioning commercial kitchen will be available for rent and support community events.


The lots adjacent to the church will become the village housing site.  The living quarters will begin with 10 tiny frame-built homes, approximately 240 square feet in size. They will be supported by shared facilities for cooking, restrooms, laundry, and gathering areas. New Path Villages is framed by HUD standards for the unhoused, informed by Detroit's Department of Housing and Revitalization, and will align with the goals of the Homeless Action Network of Detroit (HAND) the area’s lead agency for the continuum of care for Detroit.


New Path Villages Detroit is built with community in mind. Because each home is only so big (human-sized) – residents are oriented to spend more time outside of their personal dwellings and in common spaces.  NPV targets the “Chronically Homeless”-- people living on the streets for one year or more, and who either cannot or choose not to gain access to a traditional dormitory-style shelter.  This specific sector of the “unhoused population” does not currently have other emergency shelter options in the city of Detroit.


An ecumenical blessing ceremony will be held on Saturday, July 2, 11 am, at the New Path Villages site (4103 Cadillac). “We are inviting religious leaders from many faith communities to participate in this event.  We all share the belief that poverty and homelessness are human rights issues, and every human being deserves a place to live.  We hope our partners, neighbors, and supporters will join us to bless this space and our upcoming efforts to support our community’s most vulnerable citizens.”

Participants will have an opportunity to learn more about New Path Villages, the vision for this unique shelter community, and ways to support the work! 


JUNE 2022: 


Work has begun inside the Church to rebuild floors, walls, and a couple of ceiling spots. The basement is also under construction to repair the ceiling and restore the floor and kitchen walls /cabinets. Work continues in the school building to demo the rooms that will be used for the Community kitchen/meeting room/computer room and several training program rooms. Roof and HVAC work to start so. 

     We are very excited to announce that the past minister of the church, the Rev. Dr. Diane Oliver-Page Hairston has expressed interest in holding Sunday services in the Sanctuary again. She also brings a Master's degree background in Social Work that will be invaluable to our counseling programs for the village residents.

Detroit Athletic Club Magazine church renovation

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Tiny home village for homelessness

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